Playground planning for Sirvydas square

VBT of the Old Town Council as well as the Old Town community decided to give part of VBT 2012 funding (20628 Lt) to children’s playgrounds in Sirvydas Square. Playground equipment costs were given according to the Urban Economy rates. Equipment consisted of playground set for children from 6 years of age (without bench and bins).

Old Town community representatives met with the Vilnius City Municipality, department of aesthetics, Vaiva Deveikienė. Together they visited Sirvydas square to figure out where could be the most appropriate to place this new playground. Mrs. Deveikiene devoted much time and attention to this matter, therefore we are very grateful for her help.

Since the playground was going to be installed according to the urban economy rates, we had to communicate with the contractor ‘Economus Ltd’. 2012-07-09 We contacted developer of the company, Jonas Tubelis and discussed the site location and equipment.

2012-07-11 Old VBT Chair, Asta Baškauskaitė, forwarded this information to the Old Town neighborhoods that seniūnas could prepare the necessary documents and permits to build the playground.

2012-08-29 Municipality gave us ‘permission to dig’ – continue the new children’s playground construction plan. Unfortunately, this permission document stayed in municipal officials drawers till October. Only after the Old Town community representatives began to ask about the reason of halting playgrounds equipment purchase and installation in Sirvydas square they were started again.

2012-08-29-Permission to dig

2012-08-29 permission to dig 1

2012-08-29 permission to dig 1

2012-08-29 permission to dig 2

2012-08-29 permission to dig 2

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