Church‘s business venture

Two months after our August 6, 2012 meeting with Vilnius Archdiocese and ISM University administrators we received an invitation from the Archdiocese.

It was now obvious that the Vilnius Archdiocese intended to lease their newly renovated building on the ISM University campus to an establishment which would sell alcohol – instead of leasing the property as ‘administrative space’ – which had been the designation listed in all construction documents.

During our August 6, 2012 meeting the Archdiocese administrator, Mr. Darius Krukonis, had repeatedly stated that the Church’s primary goal was earning maximum profits….. and that this matter was none of our business.

In their October 16th email, the Archdiocese confirmed their intentions and revealed the name of the tenant who would lease the building on the ISM University campus (see attached below)

Thus we would once again need to attend a meeting with officials of the Archdiocese and ISM University to state our firm position against the sale of alcohol on the ISM University campus. ,

Why does the Archdiocese have such a great desire to bring alcohol onto the ISM University campus? Why does the Church seek to encourage the use of alcohol among students?

The Church's Venture

The Church’s Venture

2012-10-16 Invitation

2012-10-16 Invitation

2012-06-11 Meeting documents

2012-06-11 Meeting documents

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