Meeting with LT Bar and Cafe Association (LBKA)

2012-10-17 we met with Lithuania bar and cafe association leaders.

This meeting was organized by the Vilnius City Council, Rasa Baškienė. The meeting was held in the evening, after work, sitting around the round table – in the Hall of Vilnius Municipality. The meeting was attended by three LBKA (Lithuania bar and cafe association) leaders Rasa Baškienė , Old Town councilors, Old Town VBT Board members and the Old Town community.

It was very interesting to get to know this new association board and activities.

Every year, Old Town Community gets lots of complaints from the local residents about noisy bar activities nearby. We were also requested to say our opinion to the Vilnius City Municipality, the Department of Safety concerning problematic bars and cafes activities and marketing of alcohol. So we have many years of experience in these special topics and situations.

During the meeting, we learned that not all bars and cafes can become members of LBKA. This association refuses to accept the membership of problematic bars and cafes.

We asked about a cafeteria – Salentino cafe and a bar”Salento DiscoPub” in Didžioji st.28. This bustling café is situated in the Old Town near the Town Hall. Drunk Saletino cafe customers usually brawl and shout standing outside near the cafes, nearby living apartments and City Hall. Their noise, loud music and foul language echoes throughout the Town Hall Square. We expected LBKA’s help in this situation – but we found out that Salentino cafe is not a LBKA member. Thus, the residents will have to re-apply to the Vilnius Municipality for help with this problematic café-bar.

In the meeting we also talked about the communication between residents, neighbors, bar owners and the police. We discussed how to improve police patrolling on the streets which are full of night bars. It was agreed that all LBKA members, Old Town community representatives and Old Town councilors need to actively interact with the residents, bar owners, municipalities and the police in order to find positive solutions.

We told them about our 2012 July 3rd meeting with Totorių street residents and bar owners. This meeting was a good example that such communication can bring positive results. Information on this July meeting is written here:  http://wp.me/p2Zbiw-7y

In order to improve the quality of life in the Old Town we must find friendly solutions which take into account the wishes of the people and leaves possibility for entrepreneurs to work correctly. So we are excited to begin a constructive communication with the public representatives of LT bar and café Association.

Meeting with LBKA

Meeting with LBKA

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