Department of Cultural Heritage agrees

Our plan for the Old Town to build a new playground in Sirvydas Square and the outdoor exercisers in Rūdninkų Square and Tymo district needed to have an approval from Department of Cultural Heritage.

How was it happening? 2012-06-21 Old Town and the Old Town community representatives of  VBT Council met with Vaiva Deveikienė (Vilnius City Municipality aesthetics division) in Sirvydo Square to inspect and find the best location for a new playground. In June and July meetings were held in municipality to discuss site equipment and specifications. In July, all of this information had been correctly transferred to the Old Town Municipal Council (Seniūnija) and the Municipality of Vilnius. With received information officers needed to continue this process by performing procurement, coordinating these projects and collecting the necessary signatures and permissions.

2012-10-17 learned that on 2012-08-29 Giedre Čeponytė (Urban Economy and Transport Department and Urban Management Division Specialist) had sent a draft of the Old Town playground and outdoor fitness facilities to Old Town of neighborhoods but so far nothing had heard from the Old Town seniūnija.

On the same day we found out that these Old Town VBT projects were forgotten by Old Town seniūnija and the Municipality – they were lacking permits and signatures. But the fall had already come! So what was next?

We had to take action – quickly. Thus, we decided not to wait. We requested Giedrė Čeponytė to help us and she agreed. We turned to the Department of Cultural Heritage and asked for a meeting with Vitas Karčiauskas (Vilnius division head).

January 29th, 2012 we met with Vitas Karčiauskas. The meeting was attended by Giedrė Čeponytė, Rasa Baškienė (Vilnius municipal council), and Asta Baškauskaitė, the Old Town Community chairperson. We were discussing about the places for new children’s playground and two outdoor fitness facilities. So far, municipal representatives were informing us that Department of Cultural Heritage may not agree on a new children’s playground in Sirydas Square and outdoor fitness in Rūdninkų Square. Officers commented that we do not need to dream about the children’s playground in the Old Town as we never receive in reaching the necessary permits and signatures. We were surprised by how many officials and experts’ opposition to these fields and say that the project was not suitable in the Old Town. We have heard all sorts of comments like the playgrounds beauty does not match the Old Town … Old Town has not have the number of children that they would ever need a playground…

Municipal representatives explained to us that the Department of Cultural Heritage will not accept our intended place to build fitness simulators on the side of Misionierių hill. Even though we had chosen the public place where young people and residents spend their leisure and sports activities, the municipality stated that the new field of simulation would have to be built in another site – Kudrų street, on the hill, next to the parking lot. During the 2012 January 29th meeting with Mr. Vitas Karčiauskas we learned that he would have agreed with our initial proposals – to build an outdoor exercisers in Misionierių sreet  rather than in Kudrų st. Unfortunately, it was too late to change the layout of the fitness project.

Hooray! Mr. Karčiauskas agreed that this new playground and outdoor fitness area will be the right solution to the Old Town.

After discussing the projects with Mr. Karčiauskas, Giedrė Čeponytė was furthermore preparing the project documentation, coordinating these projects and collecting the necessary signatures and permits. All the time, we kept in touch with Mrs. Čeponytė and tried to help during the process as we could. We spend most of our time calling the municipality of Vilnius asking not to postpone our projects.





2012-11-05-Rudininkai Square

2012-11-05-Rudininkai Square

2012-11-05 kudrų st

2012-11-05 kudrų st

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