Early gift from Santa

November 23rd, 2012 we found out from Vilnius Municipality, that the costs that we wrote in the plans of using VBT 2012 funds of outdoor fitness equipment are lower.

This significant price difference gave the Old Town an early gift from Santa – 2012 additional money of VBT 2012. After, we urgently appealed to the Vilnius City Municipality procurement departments and providers of outdoor fitness equipment, “Patikimas Turtas“ Ltd to learn if there was an opportunity to order additional outdoor fitness for Rūdninkų square.

We were happy to find out that we actually COULD order additional outdoor fitness equipment.

At the same time, previously scheduled for 2012 Old Town VBT‘s program funds for facade paints had not been realized. Therefore, it was decided that these funds (5600 LT) could go to additional field equipment on Rūdninkai square.

Approvals and Permits had already issued Rūdninkų Square outdoor fitness playgrounds. In the Permissions and initial project 5 training simulators were provided. Now the additional funding had changed the number of fitness simulators. So, there was an urgent need to prepare a revised project to get new permits and official signatures. However, the time was running out…

Giedre Čeponytė (Urban Economy and Transport Department, Urban Management Division Specialist) had agreed to help us. She prepared a revised Rūdninkų Square Outdoor fitness layout of the project. November 28, 2012 Old Town councilor / VBT Council Chairperson, Asta Baškauskaitė went to the municipality and the Culture Heritage Department to collect the required signatures.

We were more than surprised to see, that all of the officers, who have waited a long time to sign the original children’s playground and outdoor fitness facilities in the project of Old Town community, offices are located in the same municipality floor! We just could not understand why it had taken so long to wait for a signature and authorization of the experts, who as we found out were sitting almost in the same room. November 28th, 2012 collection of all the necessary signatures and agreements on the revised Rūdninkų Square Outdoor Fitness Project was done.

Huge thanks to Giedre Čeponytė for her help and patience.

In a matter of urgency, we turned to “Grinda Ltd“ that they would prepare the budget (5230Lt) according to rates written in the contract with municipality – for a outdoor fitness project at Rūdninkai square.

Giedre Čeponytė

Giedre Čeponytė

2013-11-23 budget

2013-11-23 budget

2012-11-26-VBT corrections

2012-11-26-VBT corrections

2012-11-28-Rudininkai Square

2012-11-28-Rudninkai Square

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