playground equipment purchasing nightmare

2012-06-26 Old Town VBT Council, which consists of the Old Town community members, decided that a part of the 2012 VBT funding (20628 Litas) should go for new playground equipment in Sirvydas Square. This program of the VBT is funded by the Ministry of Social Security and Labor. Before the project, representative of Vilnius Municipality mentioned that if we want to have this project of new playgrounds done by the end of 2012, we have to purchase the equipment according to the price rates written in Vilnius Municipality Economy contracts.

We were surprised seeing equipment rates. Taking into account the fact that the city of Vilnius will buy more than 100 playground sets, the price is far from one on the wholesale. Elementary bench costs  1284,20 Litas, standard concrete bin – 1180,18 Litas. Thank God that our chosen place – Sirvydas Square already had benches or trash cans.

2012-10-16 We called the councilor of the Old Town to find out how the project of purchasing children’s playground and outdoor fitness equipment was going on. Old Town councilor said that he doesn’t know. As it appeared, our projects among Vilnius Municipality were forgotten… Even though, the officers were aware of the fact that these projects have limited time! So delay = destruction of the project!

By the 2012 requirements, the deadline of a program (children’s playground) had to be December 2012.

Approvals and permits were being delayed, therefore us (VBT council members) had to interact with the local government to proceed the purchase of equipment. 2012-11-21 VBT councilor, Asta Baškauskaitė met with the director of the Municipal Administration, Mr. Valdas Klimantavičius asking for his help and attention to the situation.

This process appeared to start a nightmare…

In 2012 summer VBT councilor, Asta Baškauskaitė met with the future supplier of children’s playground equipment, “Mano Būstas LT Ltd”. The contacts of the company we received from the Vilnius Municipal Economy Department.  2012-07-09 Jonas Tubelis, development manager of “Mano Būstas LT Ltd” send us a visualization project of the playground (attaching).

In the autumn Vilnius Municipality informed us that competition of equipment procurement of this project was won by “Economus Ltd”, company, which was somehow related to “Mano Būstas LT Ltd”…

2012-10-18 we corresponded with “Economus Ltd”. In the correspondence it is seen that not only the supplier heard about the project of children’s playground in Sirvydas Square for the very first time, they said that equipment had to be delivered from abroad.

Finally, 2012-11-21 Municipality permitted to do the installation of playground in Sirvydo Square. However, on the same day we learned that we will need an archaeological research of the square.

2012-11-26 we turned to Jonas Tubelis, manager of “Mano Būstas LT Ltd” to ask some questions.  We wanted to pick right color, which would be appropriate and match the colors of the Old Town. Mr. Tubelis directed us to the company “KSIL Pasaulis Ltd”. He said that this company is responsible for supplying the equipment of children playground, not theirs.

2012-11-27 We called Mr. Karlen Grdiljanc, “KSIL World Ltd’’ director. He said that they have discontinued the supply of equipment to Vilnius municipal projects because “Economus Ltd” owes their company some money. Mr. Karlen said that his company now has a lot of orders and they are constructing children’s playground equipment in other Lithuanian cities under the VBT program projects. This equipment is manufactured in Russia. Therefore he doubts whether the necessary equipment for children’s playgrounds is in stock. If the company “KSIL World” does not have equipment in Kaunas, they won’t be able to bring it from Russia. We asked Mr. Karlen for help and explained to him that we are facing delays and disruption of the project. He promised to help us. But Mr. Karlen warned us that if they did find us the necessary equipment and his company would require payment in advance – before installation.

We attach 2012-11-28 e-mails with the supplier “Economus Ltd”, “Mano Būstas LT Ltd”, the Vilnius Municipality officials and the Old Town councilor, Romasius Petrauskas. Sirvydo Square playgrounds design and equipment orders are still not clear…

Hooray! 2012-11-29 we received a call from Mr. Karlen Grdiljanc ,“KSIL World Ltd” director telling that he found the necessary equipment in stock. In addition, according to our request, he tried to choose more appropriate equipment colors for the Old Town. However, they had no equipment according to our price. Thus, Mr. Karlen promised to install more expensive playground equipment on Sirvydas Square.

2012-11-30 Old VBT Council Chairperson, Asta Baškauskaitė met with Mr. Karlen Grdiljanc, “Ksil World Ltd” director on Sirvydo Square. He got acquainted with children’s playground space and said that he was waiting for information from the Vilnius City Municipality and “Economus Ltd” about the payment. This equipment has been funded with 2012 VBT program funds provided by the Ministry Social Security and Labor. Thus, we expected that the Vilnius Municipality will be able to pay for the children’s playground equipment so that it can be installed in 2012.

Not to mention the official delayed of the project, but one month before the 2012 VBT project completion deadline we learned that financial affairs of Vilnius Municipality have stopped. Nightmare!

We attach the correspondence, so that you can see how it happened….

Clearly, you cannot tell how many phone calls we gave to the Municipality, the Old Town eldership and suppliers…It was an actual hot line!

2012-07-09-"Mano Būstas Ltd" Email to us

2012-07-09-“Mano Būstas Ltd” Email to us

2012-07-09 visualization from "Mano Būstas Ltd"

2012-07-09 visualization from “Mano Būstas Ltd”

2012-10-17 letter to the government

2012-10-17 letter to the government

2012-10-18 answer from "Economus"

2012-10-18 answer from “Economus”

2012-11-16 request regarding colors

2012-11-16 request regarding colors







2012-11-27 "Mano Būstas LT Ltd" email to G. Čeponytė

2012-11-27 “Mano Būstas LT Ltd” email to G. Čeponytė

2012-11-27 "Mano Būstas LT Ltd" email

2012-11-27 “Mano Būstas LT Ltd” email

2012-11-28 "Mano Būstas LT Ltd" email 2

2012-11-28 “Mano Būstas LT Ltd” email 2

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